A timeless material that will never go out of fashion, bluestone pavers are especially suited to outdoor use – not only does it provide a non-slip surface, it can also withstand harsh salt-filled environments.


Many homeowners choose bluestone pavers for their outdoor application because it is a timeless material. It’s non-slip surface and resistance to harsh salt environments also makes it perfect for use around swimming pools.

Reasons to Choose

  • It is a highly versatile material that is suited to a number of applications, especially wet pool areas and driveways.
  • Bluestone can be treated in a variety of ways – flamed or thermal poses a low slip risk, and natural offers a non-uniform appearance.
  • It is highly durable and incredibly long lasting, remaining unaffected by the weather, chemicals and sunlight.
  • Most bluestone suppliers offer a variety of colours and shades, ranging from deep black-blue to finer grey-blues.
  • It is almost considered a no maintenance material – a sweep or mop every now and then is all they will require.
  • The pavers are very aesthetically pleasing and will complement a variety of décor, from modern to conservative.