A natural stone that has come a long way in terms of affordability, sandstone paving is a hugely popular choice for Australian homes thanks to its durability, aesthetic appeal and non-slip texture.


There isn’t an outdoor application that sandstone paving isn’t suitable for! It’s perfect for use around swimming pools, as it tolerates salt well, and the sandpaper-like texture of the ‘natural cleft’ style provides a non-slip surface.

Reasons to Choose

  • The neutral tones allow sandstone pavers to remain cool underfoot in summer and to radiate warmth in winter.
  • It can be easily sealed against the elements, allowing it to become resistant to both moisture and corrosion.
  • Most sandstone suppliers will offer a variety of colours, including: deep brown, auburn, chocolate, yellow, beige, cream, light grey, white, red and pink. Each colour offers its own benefits.
  • It can truly last a lifetime, providing it was properly sealed when first laid and this seal is regularly maintained.
  • The pavers are suitable for a number of outdoor applications in both residential and commercial environments.
  • Once it has been installed, sandstone paving is a fairly low maintenance material and will only require cleaning.