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Paving stones are perfect for a number of applications around the outdoor areas of your home, from patios and pathways through to driveways and swimming pool coping. Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home and will really give your property a much needed facelift.


A natural stone that has come a long way in terms of affordability, sandstone paving is a hugely popular choice for Australian homes thanks to its durability, aesthetic appeal and non-slip texture.


A timeless material that will never go out of fashion, bluestone pavers are especially suited to outdoor use – not only does it provide a non-slip surface, it can also withstand harsh salt-filled environments.


With our stunning granite pavers being amongst some of the hardest on the market, rest assured that your project is sure to stand the test of time and continue to look its best for many years to come.


Available in varying colours (from cream and ivory to silver-greys and browns plus numerous combinations), travertine pavers are a truly attractive addition to the façade and landscaping of any home.

It is important to ensure that you have chosen the correct stone pavers for the application at hand, however, as this will ensure that the area is long lasting and damage free. Some stones are not suitable around swimming pools, for example, because they don’t provide a non-slip surface.

Stone Paver Types

There is a wide variety of stone types to choose from, including: sandstone, bluestone, granite and travertine. Each of these is beautiful in its own right and will complement your outdoor area with ease. You might like to choose a stone that has already been used inside your home.

Why Choose Outdoor Paving?

  • Pavers rarely have to be cut and can be laid in either concrete or sand, which makes them incredibly easy to install
  • Natural stone holds exceptional aesthetic appeal and is able to blend into whatever landscaping design you have chosen
  • Paving stones are fairly durable materials and are not subjected to rot and weathering like other materials
  • Because they are set low to the ground, outdoor paving offer a sense of space that makes your outdoor area feel much bigger
  • It is incredibly easy to add pavers to your design at a later date; all you have to do is increase the size of the bed