How Much Does It Cost To Have Stone Pavers Installed?

There’s nothing quite like the luxurious appearance of stone pavers, which can give any home a natural and organic feel. But are they affordable? And can you lay them yourself or do you really need a professional? These are just some of the things that you might be thinking about before making a final decision to use pavers somewhere around your home. 

So, how much does it cost?

There is a variety of different types of pavers to choose between, each at a variety of price points. Even a single type of stone can have varying price ranges, depending on its quality and other factors. In the list below, we’ve outlined some of the options you’ll be looking at when making your selection: 

  • Sandstone starts at about $25 per square metre;
  • Limestone starts at about $30 per square metre and can go up to $60+;
  • Quartz starts at about $39 per square metre and can go up to $75+;
  • Granite starts at about $50 per square metre but can cost as much as $75 or $100 depending on the colour; and
  • Travertine has similar costs to granite.

If you’re laying a light-duty path or other small area, you can use sand or a specially produced mixture as the base. For larger heavy-traffic areas, you will need to lay a concrete base. The base is important, as it determines the stability and longevity of the stone pavers.

  • A crushed rock base of around 50 square metres will cost between $1500 and $1800; and
  • A poured concrete base of around 50 square metres will cost between $2300 and $2800.

How do I go about getting quotes?

You will want to compare quotes from local contractors so that you can determine when you’re getting a good deal. Expect them to ask the following questions, so be sure that you have answers prepared and always give the same answers so that quotes will be comparable:

  • What style of pavers do you want?
  • What area do you want paved?
  • What is the size of this area in square metres?
  • What does the area look like (ie is it flat, sloping, etc)?
  • Are there any access issues?

Giving contractors the opportunity to factor all of these details into their quotes will enable them to give you a more accurate estimate for the project. After you’ve compared quotes, you will have a better idea of who you would like to work with and can move forward from there. At the end of the day, it’s important to note that stone pavers are not a cheap investment.