If you’re looking for an incredibly hard and durable natural stone, you cannot go past beautiful granite pavers. They can be used for any outdoor application, from pool coping and paving through to driveways and cladding.

Classic and Attractive

Outdoor Paving

A great choice for exterior projects such as outdoor paving, pool coping and driveways, granite is incredibly versatile.

Indoor Projects

Large granite slabs can be an opulent flooring option for internal use, as it offers a beautiful finish and is cool under foot!

Reasons to Choose

  • It is available in a huge variety of colours and the colour of the surface can even change depending on the light!
  • The stone is very easy to clean – wipe it down every now and then – and is not porous, so stains are rarely a problem.
  • Most granite suppliers recommend this material to families, as it is perfectly safe for use around children and pets.
  • It is an incredibly practical choice, as the hard surface cannot be scratched and retains its shiny appearance for years.
  • The stone is able to cope well with extreme temperature changes and will not crack or blister when exposed to heat.
  • If choosing flamed granite, you will be provided with a textured finish that is slip resistant and has a sheen-free look.


What finishes are available?

Granite is most commonly available in two options: flammed granite and polished granite. The former has been exfoliated with a heat gun to create a textured finish, whilst the latter has been polished to create a shiny surface.

What stone should I use for indoor projects?

If you want to use interior paving in your home, we suggest using polished granite. This is because the surface is smoother and more refined, making it the perfect choice for flooring and even as a cladding for feature walls! 

Will my granite become stained?

One of the hardest stones on the market, granite has high levels of resistance to abrasions and scratches, and is also less susceptible to permanent staining that many other stones.