Incredibly attractive, natural sandstone brings a warmth to any space with its stunning creamy honey finish. Ideal for a huge range of projects, it is a great choice for landscaping and internal flooring.

A Beautiful Honey Finish

A Versatile Stone

One of the best things about sandstone is the wide range of projects it can be used for. Consider this stone for everything from paving and pool coping to wall cladding and internal flooring!

A Non-Slip Surface

Ideal for use around your pool, sandstone is naturally non-slip thanks to its sandpaper-like texture. It is also tolerant to salt, meaning it can even be used around salt-water pools!

Reasons to Choose

  • Ideal choice for all outdoor projects thanks to its durability and affordability. From heavy foot traffic areas to pool-side paving, it's a great solution.
  • As a low-maintenance option, sandstone is often favoured for those who aren't keen on extensive care - simply give it a quick rinse now and then to wash away leaves.
  • Huge range of paving stones available ensures you can create the ideal finish for your property. From small to large to 'crazy' paving, there is something for everyone.
  • Create a summer space all year long thanks to the warm, beachy finish that it offers! 
  • Lastly, sandstone is cool underfoot, making it a perfect choice for hot weather when you walk around your property without shoes.

What makes sandstone non-slip?

With a 'natural cleft' finish that is similar to slate, sandstone has a sandpaper like texture that ensures it is always non-slip. This means this is the ideal stone for use around pools, as you can reduce the likelihood of accidental falls, no matter how much your family likes to splash!

Can I use sandstone for other projects, or is it just suited to paving?

Sandstone is the perfect choice for a huge range of projects - not just paving! Consider using it as a walling solution for the boundaries of your property, as a feature wall indoors or on your patio, for pool coping, and even internal flooring to bring the outdoors in!

Is it available in any other finishes?

If you love the natural honey hue of sandstone but want to create a more refinied appearance, then you will be happy to know that it is also available in a honed or smooth finish!

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