A member of the limestone family, classic Turkey travertine is particularly durable and suited to many outdoor applications. You usually have a choice of honed and filled or tumbled unfilled finishes.

Warm and Soft Finish

Perfect for Outdoors

More than capable of withstanding the elements, travertine is the ideal stone for a huge range of exterior landscaping projects.

Great for Pool Coping

Travertine is an excellent choice for pool coping, as the edges of the stone are often softened and well suited to the rounded edge of pools.

Reasons to Choose

  • It is an incredibly durable material and is perfect for use on driveways, as it can easily bear the weight of heavy vehicles.
  • The stone is favoured because it is considered relatively low maintenance and possesses stain resistant properties.
  • Many travertine suppliers recommend that stone, as it is not affected by the presence of extreme heat – even in fire pits.
  • It can help your outdoor areas to feel much cooler during the summer, as the pavers will retain heat rather than emit it.
  • The stone provides quite a good grip, which will help to lessen the chances of slipping or tripping around your home.
  • Many people believe that travertine is quite an aesthetically pleasing material; it will complement any home.


Where is travertine from?

Travertine is sourced from Turkey, bringing with it the warm colours of the Middle East and an old world charm. In fact, the oldest wall cladding dates back to southern Turkey, in 7000 BC!

What colours are available?

Always offering an excellent warmth, Travertine is available in three main colours: classic, which consists of cream and ivory tones, Noce, which offers a walnut finish, and silver, which is a lovely silver-grey to brown shade.

Can I use travertine indoors?

Yes! Whilst it is a great stone for exterior use, it is also well-suited to a range of interior projects. These can include internal flooring throughout all rooms of the house - especially wet areas - and wall coping for creating an attractive feature wall.