Why Are Bluestone Paving Tiles So Popular?

If you’re trying to decide between natural stones for a project somewhere in your home or on your property, bluestone paving tiles have probably popped up in your research once or twice. A popular choice amongst Australian homeowners, there are a number of reasons why bluestone might be the ideal choice for your project – learn more here.

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    There can be no denying that bluestone is a highly attractive material – it develops a striking patina as it ages and it comes in a stunning palette of colours (ranging from blues and greens to earthtones and even lilacs) that are sure to complement any home and landscape.
  • Cost Effective
    When most people think about natural stone, they often think about how expensive it’s rumoured to be. You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t necessarily the case – these tiles are actually quite cost effective, especially when compared to other products on the market.
  • Durability
    Bluestone is actually an incredibly durable material, so you can rest assured that it will not easily be cracked or chipped. In fact, its extreme durability makes it suited for a wide range of applications, from paving and internal flooring to wall cladding and even driveways.
  • Ease of Installation
    As one of the flattest of all the natural stones on the market, the tiles are relatively easy to install. This is the sort of project that you can tackle yourself, right down to cutting the paving where required; in general, it splits easily and in straight lines.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    One of the best things about bluestone paving is that it is relatively simple to maintain, particularly if the surface has been sealed (which creates a barrier against staining). A regular sweep or mop – depending on where the tiles have been used – is generally all that is required.
  • Pool Areas
    Many homeowners are pleased to learn that bluestone is particularly suited for use around swimming pools and other wet areas. This is because it offers a non-slip surface (a must where safety is a concern) and is also able to withstand a harsh salt environment.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons behind the popularity of bluestone paving tiles for projects of all shapes and sizes. If this natural stone offers even just one benefit that you’re searching for, it’s a product that should be considered. Just ensure that you have chosen a reputable supplier with a history of providing attractive tiles and exceptional customer service.